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“Square breathing is my saving technique”

I am very grateful for the work. I assessed the breathing technique using a square. Before the seminar, I didn’t even have the energy to clean. Afterwards I washed all the dishes and couldn’t stop.

"The digital assistant that saved my day"

The bot just saved me today. Hugged and gave strength. I was so depressed and disappointed. And I remembered, and the bot went. And such support 🥰 I just love your product 🫶🏼

“Why feel powerless when you can take a day off?”

Yesterday I sat in the bot, and chose powerlessness from my feelings. And he told me “be sure to rest, if you feel tired, if necessary, take an extra day off or vacation.” And I'm like, damn. Why don't I remember this? Just reading is not enough. The only thing that will help is repeated repetition of actions: felt - analyzed - took action.

"Breathe, my ally in emotional control"

Cool bot, I like that I can control my states. I am recovering from a mental illness and it is very useful for me to control the emotional sphere. In general, a work colleague sent me the bot as an example of awesomely written texts, they really are fire. In general, everything is great.

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