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Breathe:bot is a digital assistant that allows you to track and analyze your emotions in the moment. It contains simple practices for understanding yourself that are easy to do on your own. Give room to your emotions - subscribe to Breathe:bot!

Digital Assistant

At the heart of our unique four-week therapy group, The Power Within, is a journey of self-discovery. Together we will explore the depths of our emotions and needs, and learn to build a strong inner support. 

Practice groups “Strength within”


Breathe is a project for everyone who wants to take care of their mental health with simple but effective tools. And all this - with the support of like-minded people and professional psychologists.

About the Breathe project:

Проект Breathe родился, чтобы помочь людям осознать одну простую вещь: нет ничего важнее заботы о себе.

We decided to create Breathe after a deep realization that health, beauty and high quality of life begin with inner harmony. The main indicators of this state are our emotions. And we’re tired of hearing the phrase: “You’re just in a bad mood!”

Breathe's philosophy is to create effective tools for working with emotions, developing emotional intelligence and improving the quality of life, but only through the prism of respect and care.  This is how we contribute to building a healthy society - open, safe, able to listen, hear and be there for each other when needed.

about the project

Breathe: was born to help people realize one simple thing:
there is nothing more important than self-care.

The basis of health and quality of life is internal harmony, reflected by our emotions. We reject the banality of “bad mood”, offering effective tools for working with emotions and developing emotional intelligence. At Breathe, we are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive community where everyone feels respected and cared for. Together we are building a more harmonious world.

О проекте
Place for the senses and ease of use:

Our bot provides a safe space to explore and accept your own feelings, conveniently and easily. He “leads by the hand” by asking questions to understand the underlying causes of your condition, with the ability to work in just 2-15 minutes.

Statistics and Focus: 

The bot provides detailed infographics about your emotional state, tracking changes over periods of 7, 14 and 28 days. You can also set reminders to work on your emotions regularly.

Care and Training:

A support function from a psychologist is included, where users can share their emotions and receive professional recommendations, and the bot can also motivate and support. In addition, a micro-learning function has been introduced with mini-lectures on the nature and meaning of emotions.


Our bot combines the comfort and safety of personal development, powerful analytics and learning tools, and ongoing care and support, making it the perfect companion on your journey to emotional well-being.

Your assistant in the world of emotions on Telegram

Based on the Mayer-Salovey model of emotional intelligence and endorsed by professional psychologists, Breathe:bot offers an easy, accessible way to understand and experience your emotions. Designed from real human experience, this bot will be your trusted companion on your journey to emotional well-being.


4-week path to self-knowledge and inner harmony

Join our unique group therapy program if you are looking for ways to cope with persistent stress, self-doubt, difficulties making decisions or building relationships. Over the course of 4 weeks, we will work together to understand our own emotions and needs, learn to build inner support, and create a supportive community of like-minded people. This is your chance to find meaning and direction in your life, improve your communication, and find inspiration for personal growth.




Small group sessions led by a psychologist

Our experts hold weekly meetings where we together explore our emotions, their causes and learn to live them environmentally.

Chat community for support

Communication with like-minded people, exchange of experiences and mutual support - so that each of you feels that he is not alone in his problems and difficulties.

Practical tasks

New skills are practiced in real life. Independent work is an important part of psychological growth. We promise it won't be boring!

Premium access to Breathe:bot

This is a personal digital assistant in the development of emotional intelligence. Learning to understand your emotions with Breathe:bot is easy and fun!

Closed community meetings

At the end of the week we get together, review progress and plan next steps. And of course, we give and receive a lot of support!


You can become a better friend and someone can become a better friend for you.

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